Broken Heather (brokenheather) wrote in do_it_yourself,
Broken Heather

Advice to get past a dumb mistake...

I bought a new fridge. The measurements were fine for the old spot - with 1/2" to spare. Well, we all know that house stuff never seems to be on a right angle or exact measurements all the way through... So now I have a fridge that doesn't fit (and return is not possible).

Exploring my options with associated problems -
1. Shave a little cabinet and tile off of one side of my kitchen counters (I know tile doesn't necessarily *shave* so I'd be chipping out the lip on the counter and need to replace it with something else).
2. Move the freestanding cabinet on one side of it out an inch or so (I'm certain the kitchen floor tile doesn't extend beneath it, so it will leave a gap. Plus the tile against the wall, although the grout is already cracked between the counter and it, would then be mismatched).
3. Against the spirit of this community, paying someone to do one of these tasks...

4. Any other suggestions, or advice on the ones I've thrown out there? I've never laid tile (well, correction, I did with my mom when I was a teenager). I don't have a wealth of tools.

I'm looking for the cheapest/least intensive way that I can make this work, without making my kitchen look ghetto. Help?
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