Sandokai (sandokai) wrote in do_it_yourself,

After a Leak

We replaced the piping on an under-the-kitchen-sink leak, but lifting up the plasticish covering under the sink that covers the wood beneath, there appears to be some moisture and spots of white mold under there. (I haven't seen it closely myself-- let my partner look since I'm pregnant). Ugh, our lungs already hurt.

She left it propped open a little to dry out. After doing some googling a bunch of sites on this she wants to try the thing where you wear a mask and use a bleach solution. (And air it out with a fan? We're also debating to what degree she should use a scrub brush or sand it as some sites suggest).

Does this sound like a bad plan?

At some point (in a month or two) we're hiring someone to do some other things and maybe he can replace the wood if necessary. Not sure how to determine if that's truly necessary, or if trying to deal with some mold one's self is just a bad idea.

I should note I did once live in an apartment ~10 years ago where such a situation occurred, the wood was replaced, and I still had to move out eventually due to ongoing lung problems, so I don't really think mold is necessarily a minor issue. That was a more extreme case, however (at one point mold was growing on the bathroom walls in that apartment).
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