somniferous almond eyes (manintheboat) wrote in do_it_yourself,
somniferous almond eyes

Carpet Help please

Ahhh previous homeowners... how you make me clutch my head in agony every day...

I tore out this built-in corner shelf and there's no carpet underneath! Eeee! What do I do?

- Even though we have extra previous tile, paint, light fixtures, paneling, and herbicides; they left no extra carpet.

- A new shelf will go over most of it, but not all of it.

- I'll probably replace the whole carpet in another 5 years (this is not easy, another story).

- I could take some carpet from the closet but it's a biiiiig closet and sometimes gets used as a party room.

- Yes, I'm doing something about that mismatched paneling. The ceiling is a matching sparkle popcorn.

No carpet under built in

Thank you!
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I'd build a frontispiece for the cabinet that you're going to put in - simple enough with some plywood, a little stain and decent staple/nail gun - and will give you coverage at the lowest price ;>.
I like this idea! Thanks!
All I can say darling is that the words sparkle popcorn remind me of everything that makes me NUTSO about the people who had this house before us, too... good wishes!

Honestly I'd probably cut a small decorative rug to fit just over the lip. Not ideal but maybe easier than making it out of wood or something else.

Where are the gold vein mirrors?
Put the cabinet back after re-finishing it?

2nd choice is pulling up a section from a closet. Patch that corner, buy a new small remnant to redo the closet.

If the closet/playroom is Huge, is it bigger than the room this corner is in? Can you redo the closet or this room cheaper than the other?
I always forget the closet trick. Thanks for reminding me.
this was going to be my suggestion - patch from the closet, and patch the closet with a remnant.

If it's small enough, you could probably get a cheap remnant to do the whole closet if you don't like a slight mis-match. From the pic it should be pretty easy to match up pretty closely, though.
Ha Ha. The built-in I tore out was made of -get this- wood paneling remnants.
Not "refinishing" that. LOL

The bookshelves we are putting in goes against the wall rather than sitting at an angle.

I'll end up re-carpeting everything all at once eventually. The room to closet is all one carpet, so it would look odd replacing the closet in another carpet.
We had a similar problem, our sellers built an office that took up 2/3 of the basement, so we tore it down to make a family room but they carpeted after they built it, so we had a L-shape of black and white checker tile. We ended up cutting a bit of the carpet in the L and took it to Menards and found the carpet. We just replaced the L. It looks bad in places but we put a rug over it and will just deal until we get around to recarpeting the family room. It really opened up the basement though
What is wrong with people?!
A lot. Our sellers redid the wiring in the house, we spent all last year bringing it back up to code. They put in their own windows, we spent thousands having new windows put in because we had gaps so large bugs were coming in or like the front picture window was two panes of glass that they didn't seal. There was so much moisture between the panes we couldn't see out and had mold like you wouldn't believe. it seems like every time we think, well we will just change this to what we want, it's a huge month long project where we find more things they did wrong.
I have no tips, but what is the backstory on why you can't replace the carpet? Our house was previously owned by complete and utter morons as well so I feel your pain (read: uninsulated, not approved extension to the master bedroom. fml.)
1) We're getting married in November. No big projects until after.

2) This carpet is not yet truly dead. God forbid I tackle a problem that doesn't NEED addressing before its time.

3) This section of our basement looks like a big rectangle with a 4x10 foot closet jutting out of one side. The previous owner built a glass brick wall on one end making another "room." They built the wall on top of the carpet.
It looks like this:
Rumpus Room Before

That's the Before. But it's a better image of what I'm taking about.
This is the After.
Rumpus Room After

Somehow I'm pretty sure, "Lets just replace the carpet around it" will never work out that easily.
What about putting a row of tile down on the floor, after you put in the new shelf?
It's too late now, but when you recarpet, make sure you save a bunch of the scraps in a plastic bag in the garage for just such a repair next time.