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[Solved] How do I remove this doorknob? (Screws are hidden.)

ETA: I found the latch! It was entirely hidden by the damn faceplate. I had to manipulate the faceplate a lot to even find the stupid latch, and I'd already looked for it several times before. But the knob is now off; thank you all for the help!

My back door has been stuck shut for months, because turning the knob no longer works the mechanism. Obviously the knob needs to be removed and replaced. The screws, however, are hidden behind the faceplate, and everything I've found via Google says that you need to stick a screwdriver under the faceplate and trip some magic latch that all such doorknobs have, and the knob will just come off in your hand. I have been all over that thing with a screwdriver and I promise that there is no such latch on my knob.

I don't know the make of the knob, because I'm sure it's carved into the little plate on the side of the door - which I can't see or access because the door is stuck shut. It's brass and I'm pretty sure it's at least 30 years old.

The doorknob:

With the faceplate loose - the one thing I found a latch for and managed to do - showing the second plate underneath, which is held on by two screws. I don't have room to unscrew and remove those screws because of the faceplate.
View under the faceplate

I attempted to pry the second plate forward a bit to see what's behind it. There's definitely no damn latch or anything that I could trip with a screwdriver, nor does there seem to be much of anything else besides the two screws. The inner mechanism isn't really visible and I had a lot of trouble getting it lit well enough to see much of anything, but I thought I'd try to take a picture anyway.
View under the second plate

Help! I'm getting profoundly sick of going out the front door whenever I need to go out back, and removing a doorknob is supposed to be really easy so I'm feeling a bit stupid and I'd rather not have to pay for a locksmith or handyman-type to come do it for me.
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