Megan Shady (mziemke) wrote in do_it_yourself,
Megan Shady

Kitchen Redo

This was our kitchen before we decided to redo it. It was pretty bland, our sellers did the tile backsplash, however they didn't use spacers, so the tile was all over the place and the cupboard doors weren't on all the way, it looks like they just stuck them up and hadn't repainted them in years as you could see all of the food and whatnot that had been spilled on them.

And now. We painted the cupboards bright white, they were still drying when I took this picture. We put up glass mosaic tile and started painting the walls "oat" from Home Depot. This is a "during" photo, we still have to grout the tile and are still painting. We also ordered a new stove and counter tops, so in a couple of days, it should look amazing.
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