Jim (lordjim) wrote in do_it_yourself,

Problem refinishing a floor

I'm in an older house, 50 years old. We pulled the carpet up in the hall thinking that we'd look at the hardwood underneath to see if it was worth refinishing or needed a new floor. The living room carpet will come up too eventually, but we thought we'd work on the hall first and whatever we decide to do will carry over into the living room.

It looks like the floor is salvageable. It had 2 or 3 big spots that probably came from dog or cat urine. Those we got out with peroxide soaked towels. I've sanded enough to tell that I can get it smooth enough. We aren't looking to make the floor look new so nail holes and things like that can be filled. It can ave some character.

BUT, and here it comes. My problem is that when the carpet was put down the carpet layers used a box cutter to cut the padding and cut the wood too. So there are razor blade marks around where the tack strip was and a few all the way across the hall. They don't look too bad until you put any kind of liquid on the floor, stain, sealer, anything like that. And then they turn into almost black lines. They don't look at all natural and I don't think we'll salvage the floor unless we can find a way to keep the lines from showing up so prominently.

Anyone have any suggestions. I don't think I can sand deep enough to get them out. Seems a shame to not be able to salvage the floor over a few cuts by the carpet layers.

Thanks for any help.
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