somniferous almond eyes (manintheboat) wrote in do_it_yourself,
somniferous almond eyes

Carpet Help please

Ahhh previous homeowners... how you make me clutch my head in agony every day...

I tore out this built-in corner shelf and there's no carpet underneath! Eeee! What do I do?

- Even though we have extra previous tile, paint, light fixtures, paneling, and herbicides; they left no extra carpet.

- A new shelf will go over most of it, but not all of it.

- I'll probably replace the whole carpet in another 5 years (this is not easy, another story).

- I could take some carpet from the closet but it's a biiiiig closet and sometimes gets used as a party room.

- Yes, I'm doing something about that mismatched paneling. The ceiling is a matching sparkle popcorn.

No carpet under built in

Thank you!
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