Lara GillespiePriest (ravens_secrets) wrote in do_it_yourself,
Lara GillespiePriest

1930's cast iron fireplace insert....

I am hoping someone can help with this, my husband and I have a 1933 Sears and Roebucks kit home model #12010 A... The fire place in our living-room is having some issues. We know it is missing a metal plate, hence why the people that did live in our house, put bricks in place of the metal plate. Our current issues is what did this metal plate look like, and how large was it. 

The print on the cast iron for the fireplace says "Improved. National . 20" cast number 905. I have done many searches on line for this company name and I am not finding anything. I have also called sears and confused the hell out of some poor sap who apparently had no clue that Sears at one point of time in history sold mail order kit homes... So my question and hope is that maybe someone here might recognize the fireplace insert as something similar to what they have or recognize the name of the company that made the cast iron pieces to the fireplace. We have someone who can fabricate us a new piece but we really need to know what the piece looks like. Our only other option is to remove the old fireplace insert and replace it with a wood burning stove or something along those line which we would very much prefer not to do...

Can anyone one help with this?
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